In 2007 Impact Cowboy Church of Nacogdoches was started after lots of prayer, fasting, and waiting for the Lord to bring the right people into the startup of the Church. In 2006, Pastor Stan started meeting with Pastor Russ Weaver and Pastor Morris Ivy at Shepherd’s Valley Cowboy Church gleaming from them the wisdom that they would impart to us. ​

Late in 2006 Pastor Stan met Rex Crenshaw, which was the first and founding elder, and they started meeting people and looking for a starting place.  They finally found a place two weeks before the startup date. It was called Carrizo Creeks Ranch restaurant. ​

Church was held at Carrizo Creek Ranch until 2011, when the church outgrew the place, so ICCN bought 53 acres and started clearing and building and found our new home right where we were supposed to be. ICCN currently has three buildings, an arena, and pasture lands for livestock. ICCN is looking forward to the future of Nacogdoches County and how ICCN can influence the County around it.